Headteacher – Mrs Eyre

Acting Deputy Head – Miss Cairns

Foundation Stage Lead – Mr Beck

Key Stage One Lead – Miss Davis

Key Stage Two Lead – Mr Hill


Our Classes

Nursery (Swans/Robins) – Miss Swithenbank

Foundation (Owls) – Mr Beck

Foundation (Puffins) – Miss Tedesco


Year 1 (Quails) – Miss Burgess

Year 1 (Doves) – Miss Davis

Year 2 (Penguins) – Miss Dytham

Year 2 (Flamingos) – Miss Lyle

Year 3 (Kingfishers) – Mrs Feast

Year 4 (Merlins) – Miss Cairns

Year 4 (Falcons) – Mr Munday

Year 5 (Eagles) – Mrs Barber

Year 6 (Ravens) – Mr Hill


Reading Recovery Teachers – Mrs Bradley and Miss Maimane


Wider Responsibilities

SENCo – Mrs Feast

Literacy Co-ordinators – Miss Cairns/Mrs Barber

Numeracy Co-ordinator – Mr Hill

Science Co-ordinator – Miss Davis

R.E Co-ordinators – Mrs Brown/Miss Tedesco

Art, Design & D.T Co-ordinator – Mr Beck

P.E Co-ordinator – Miss Cairns

I.C.T Co-ordinator – Miss Dytham

Humanities Co-ordinator – Mr Munday

Music Co-ordinators – Miss Cairns/Miss Burgess

Modern Foreign Languages Co-ordinator – Mrs Feast

PHSCE/SEAL Co-ordinator – Mrs Barber


Our Support Staff: Mrs Brown, Ms Clifton, Ms Wall, Mr Feast, Mrs Biggs, Mrs Banton, Ms Payne, Mrs McCoy, Miss Palmer and Miss Leigh

Mrs Smith is our Attendance Officer and Family Engagement

Mrs Waplington supports the care and physio needs of some of our children

Mrs Fitch is our School Business Manager

In the office you will meet: Mrs Ogando, Mrs Martin & Mrs Hemmens

And keeping our resources going is Mrs Lee

Our site staff consist of Mr Bartle and Mrs Treeby

Glenbrook Primary School