Our School

Glenbrook is a warm and caring school community currently housed in extensive buildings alongside Bilborough Children’s Centre and our Jigsaw after school club.

As a team we constantly strive to achieve the very best for our pupils in order to create happy and successful children.

Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great emphasis on the relationship between staff and parents. We believe that children learn best when home and school work together for their benefit.


Our children are wonderful and enthusiastic about the work we are trying to do to improve their education. They are becoming more confident in sharing their views and many have changed their attitudes to their own and others’ learning. This has been done with structured support to change the way some of the subjects are taught as well as how we share important information with them. We have very understanding and caring children who are willing to support each other.

School building

Currently the school has a Foundation unit and 1 class of each year as well as TA rooms and a physio room. We are a fully inclusive school and have a number of children with multiple and complex needs. The school has extensive grounds which are currently being developed to encourage more outdoor learning activities for the children.

Our school was on the DFE list of 261 schools to be rebuilt and the date for starting consultation is 2014. The school is due to be rebuilt and double in size as a 420 pupil primary school.


We have a hard working staff team who have pulled together over the past 3 years through our journey into Requires Improvement and then Special Measures in November 2011. Since this time there have been a number of changes in staff and several new appointments. We have a new Headteacher and currently an Acting Deputy who are working alongside another local school’s Executive Headteacher.
We have an extended schools officer who co-ordinates all of the holiday provision, the breakfast club and also works alongside our attendance officer to ensure pupils are in school every day.

As a school we feel it is important to offer the right services to support our parents and benefit our pupils; we have a Learning Mentor working in school every day, a school counsellor for one day per week and a Family support worker for 2 days a week.

Glenbrook Primary School